Aquavip Solutions by VIEGA




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The Story


When developing the concept, the first step was to clarify the »why«. The answers served as one of the most important,references. In terms of content, the differentiation from the competition as well as one's own belief in the product line had to be conveyed.
»Our products not only meet the requirements for drinking water hygiene, but also set new quality standards. Our aim is to make drinking water hygiene management as simple and efficient as possible for specialist planners, installers, property developers and operators.«


We then broke down the »how« together with the customer as follows:
»We have developed a holistic hardware and software system that can be individually tailored to each type of building. Our product system offers digital control and maintenance from the house connection to the tapping point. All components are digitally networked and thus ensure optimal interaction with each other.
By using new, innovative technology, we minimize contamination risks using less energy.«

When conveying the functional aspects of the product, i.e. the »What«, we repeatedly included the previously defined arguments of »Why« and »How«. The aim was to always convince the added value of the product for the relevant target groups, not only with its practical advantages, but also with the ideal attitude of Viega itself.